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Ramp Ahead Sign

Ramp Ahead Sign
Our Price:  £2.15

Brand:  KJ Signs

KJ Signs

Made by KJ Signs in house.

Printed using HP Latex inks, brightest colours and one of the best scratch and fade resistant bio friendly inks on the market, why not go green whilst still getting the best.


If you do not see the sign you are looking for please contact us, we can make any sign any size or backing. 




Staufen - 0.6mm PVC Sheet, very thin ideal when you don't want to stick onto a surface directly. Not ideal for drilling best applied with double sided tape or whole punch and cable tie.


Correx - 4mm Fluted plastic often used for estate agent boards, cheap & Light plastic no good for drilling holes in, best applied with double sided tape.


Foamex - 3mm Foam board, lightweight but smooth solid face to give a nice flexible backing. Not ideal for drilling best applied with double sided tape.


Foamex - 5mm Foam board, this is more solid and is ideal for drilling holes and applying with screws.


Reflective / Normal Vinyl - Reflective vinyl reflects the light back making the sign light up more at night from headlights and other sources of light. Very much needed for Safety Signs used in 24hr operational sites.


These signs are intended for private and business use they are not intended for public highways or roads.