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Set of 4 Reflective Magnetic On Tow Sign

Set of 4 Reflective Magnetic On Tow Sign
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KJ Signs

Made by KJ Signs in house.

Have you ever been towing a vehicle and suddenly realised you have forgot to put a sign up or worse the one you attached to the towed vehicle has fallen off? Easiest and simplest option is to get an oblong or square magnetic towing sign, simply attached to your towed vehicle in seconds and having been produced on the strongest magnetic vehicle grade vinyl available you can rest assured its going to stay where you left it, on the back of the towed vehicle.

Since we produce these in house we are also able to change the letters to what ever you want. We use the same sizes as the UK number plate system along with the same font so if you were looking for a trailer plate for your caravan, motorhome or trailer then why not order a magnetic one for that. These cannot be used on road vehicles but are fine for trailers and towed equipment, makes changing the plate to another vehicle very easy. 520mm x 111mm same size as a car number plate.

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